About Us

Chengdu Shallwin Products Co.,Ltd was founded at 2008 in Chengdu , where is the fastest China city on economic development in the past few years.

We are a professional company that works for mushroom and its relative products for almost 10 years.We have a very good motive team and most all our team memebers have over 6 years experience on international business. All our customes are serviced by our professional knowledges therefore they are very satisfied with us.

All our factories are locating in Sichuan and Yunnan, where is one of the biggest mushroom producing area in China. Any mistakes are not allowed occured on the quality because we perform very strict control for the production. Our staffs know how to control the quality issues and how to follow up the requirements from our customers.

The main products we are working now:
1. frozen, dried, semi-fresh mushrooms, such as boletus, shiitake, champignons, etc
mushroom extracts, concentrates, such as boletus, shiitake, champignon, etc
3. mushroom logs and its equipment, such as autoclave, filling maching, boiler etc

What we are focus on is to bring good quality mushrooms to our clients timely,because we like to build not one-time deal, but long term relationship with our customers. Please take one minute to look our website and give feedback to us, we are confident to become one of your best suppliers.

Any inquires/contacts from you will be highly appreciated.

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